Why You Should Go with a Dish TV Authorized Retailer

When considering the best options to watch TV, you might be wondering if you should go with cable or satellite. Narrowing down the choices, you might be asking yourself, “What is a Dish TV authorized retailer in Davenport, IA? And why should I use a Dish TV authorized retailer?”

Well, for one thing, Dish is an established national brand that you can trust. It offers an award-winning lineup of products and services that has seen great technological strides in recent years.

Why choose Dish over cable?

There are many reasons to choose Dish over standard cable. It all boils down to what works for you and your needs, and what works best in your area. Something else to consider is that, at least anecdotally, cable providers aren’t known for their stellar customer service. Here are some reasons why Dish may be a better choice for you than cable:

  • Cost: The price of cable TV is only going up, and satellite TV options like Dish are looking more competitive every day. Dish is slightly lower cost at the top pricing tier.
  • Comparative channel offerings: Dish and cable now have a similar number of channels available.
  • Stable pricing: Dish may require a two-year contract, but you will not be seeing any price increases in your second year of service, as is the case with other providers.
  • Hopper: The latest tech from Dish is called Hopper 3, which is a 2-terabyte storage system. That means it can hold up to 500 hours of HD video storage, and can record up to 16 shows at once! You will never miss your favorite show again.
  • Supports Netflix & YouTube: New Dish receivers have dedicated apps to support watching Netflix and YouTube right on your TV, at no extra cost to you. (A Netflix subscription is still required.)
  • UHD and 4K: Dish supports UHD and 4K resolution broadcasts, so you can watch shows and movies in crystal-clear, super-high definition.
  • Better for rural areas: If you’re far from the city, cable might not be available to you. The good news is, satellite doesn’t require connecting to an existing network of underground or overhead cables. If you can see the sky, you can get Dish satellite TV.

Dish authorized retailers

Using a Dish TV authorized retailer in Davenport, IA means you are also getting access to an experienced team of field technicians. That translates to a wealth of knowledge available to each Dish customer.

Dish is a leader in technological advancements, and is continuously offering new products and services. Their digital video recorder (DVR) is one of the best in the industry, if not the best. And with Dish Anywhere, you can watch on your phone, tablet or laptop. A Dish TV authorized retailer is trained on the latest tech to help you make the most of your TV service.

Binge-watching shows is not going away, and there are more movies being added to broadcast TV all the time. To step up your TV-watching game, visit Done Right TV today for all your Dish TV needs.