The Top Benefits Of Metronet High Speed Internet

The Top Benefits Of Metronet High Speed Internet 

If you’re in the market for a new high speed internet provider, you should check out Metronet. Metronet’s fiber network is made up of strands of glass that transmit data over long distances. This technology provides an unparalleled connectivity experience for households. 

1. Faster Speeds

When it comes to comparing residential fiber internet providers, speed is usually the most important factor. Metronet offers symmetrical speeds of 2 gigabits (Gbps), which is equal to the premium offerings from AT&T, Google Fiber, and Verizon Fios. 

2. No Data Limits

If you’re looking for a blazing fast fiber internet connection with no data limits, Metronet is one of the best options. Their fiber network is capable of faster download and upload speeds than any other provider in Normal, and they don’t throttle during peak hours. Most providers limit their customers to a set data cap and this can be a huge deal if you’re the type of person who regularly blows through your allowance. This is to help curb congestion on their network and keep everyone on a fair playing field, but it can also lead to big overage fees if you exceed your limit. 

3. No Contracts

The top benefits of Metronet high speed internet include no contracts, a price guarantee up to 24 months, a wireless router included in the cost, and symmetrical upload and download speeds.  

4. Free Installation

One of the many perks of Metronet is its free installation, which is a big deal in this day and age. While some providers charge an arm and a leg for professional installation, Metronet offers the service for free when it’s time to upgrade. The company even provides its customers with a router that’s included in their monthly service fee, which is a big deal since it often costs hundreds of dollars with other providers. 

5. Superior Customer Service

Metronet’s customer service department boasts a whopping two 24/7 available phone lines, a myriad of online resources and video tutorials to help customers make the most of their internet service. And if you’re still looking for more help, they also have a helpful blog and news page!