Top 5 Benefits of a Home Security System

You’ve probably asked yourself at one time or another, "What is the best way to protect my home?" One of the most common and reliable ways to accomplish home protection is investing in a home security system. 

There are many companies and systems to choose from when selecting the best home security system for your home. Many of these options now include a home camera system in addition to the traditional door and window sensors. 

Let’s review five great reasons for investing in a home security system.

1. Protection of Your Property and Family

The most important and obvious reason to get a home security system is to protect your home and your valuables from burglaries, home intrusions, and other disasters, such as fires.

Professional monitoring services will send authorities immediately at the first sign of trouble and home security systems can also be incredibly handy in a medical emergency, since most systems have a button to push for medical situations as well. That way, your monitoring service can send emergency vehicles to you right away without you even needing to call 911.

2. Deters Robberies and Break-Ins

Many criminals will take any opportunity they can to hit an easy mark. If you make your house less of an easy target, criminals are far less likely to attempt to rob your home.

Advertise that you have an alarm system by displaying the alarm company’s stickers or yard signs at your home, or by mounting security cameras outside. Even something as small as a doorbell camera can help deter thieves.

3. Lower Home Insurance Rates

While it is true that you’ll have to pay to get a home camera system and/or a home security system installed and that you’ll have to pay a monitoring fee, you will definitely be able to reap some savings in other areas.

A majority of homeowners insurance companies offer a discount of anywhere from 5%-20% on your premium if your home has a security system involved and under active monitoring.

4. Alerts You to Gas Leaks or Fires

The best home security system options include monitoring for fire alarms and carbon monoxide detection. Both of these could be potentially life-saving when you are at home and can provide significant property damage protection if you aren’t.

Some security monitoring services offer the option to have these alerts sent directly to emergency services, so you have an added layer of protection and peace of mind.

5. Gives You Peace of Mind

This is arguably the best reason to get a home security system and, for some people, this one factor is reason enough to install a home monitoring system. Having this type of service for your home will make you feel safe when you are home and when you aren’t.

Knowing that the authorities can be at your home in minutes when necessary and that your family and your possessions are being protected and looked after is invaluable.

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