How TV Has Evolved Over the Last 10 Years

Television has been a major part of the overall media and entertainment industry for decades. While it has always gone through improvements and changes since it first became a household staple in the mid-1900s, it seems to have gone through an even more significant transformation over the past decade. Since 2010, the industry has seen a variety of changes that will continue to impact what and how people watch.

Streaming Makes a Big Change

One of the largest differences people will notice today vs the 2000s is the amount of television watched while streaming. In 2010, Netflix and other streaming services started to expand and provide a variety of on-demand television options. Today, there are many streaming services to choose from, including those created by the top traditional networks. More people than ever before are now watching streaming services instead of traditional cable.

Binge Watching

Another big change is that people will now binge-watch many of their favorite programs. Access to any show you want at any time is something many people love. If you are going to try a new show that you enjoy today, you can binge-watch it for days or weeks and get through an entire series. This used to take years to complete as you had to wait each week for a new episode to come out.

More Interaction

Streaming services and other television competitors are also looking for more ways to interact with viewers. This can include using previously-watched shows to make predictions about what else someone will like. This trend is bound to continue in the future, which is expected to include various choose-your-own-adventure types of programs.

Different Competition

While television continues to compete with streaming services, so do other entertainment options. With smartphones and other devices able to distract people with so many engaging options, television and streaming services now need to consider them a competitor for your attention.

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