How Long Should an Outdoor Security Camera Last

An outdoor security camera plays a massive role in enhancing security and monitoring all outdoor activities. They can strengthen and improve security in personal homes or personal businesses. 

Outdoor security cameras have become extremely popular among business owners, including restaurants, retail business owners, etc. Also, they improve the operational services of any commercial business by monitoring important details in various situations.

However, just like any other machinery or device, security cameras might reduce their functionality, such as becoming fuzzy or unclear, if not well taken care of. Here is everything you need to know about the life expectancy of security cameras and how often they should be replaced.

What Is the Average Life Expectancy of a Security Camera?

Statistically, cameras have an average lifespan of five years or more. However, with new and advanced technologies, camera technology has dramatically improved, with some cameras lasting for even a decade or more.

However, for cameras to last long, including security cameras, you need to maintain their cleanliness constantly. According to one of the most secure system integrators, Security-Net, cameras should complete 2NVR cycles. An NVR cycle is typically the life expectancy of any video camera, which lasts for about three to five years per cycle.

You will notice your security camera needs renewal or an upgrade once it has started to become fuzzy or once its camera quality has significantly worsened. Depending on your camera’s features, brand, or price, this might take a couple of years.

Generally speaking, cheap cameras are doomed to fail earlier than expensive ones. With that being said, you need approximately 80 dollars to 500 dollars to access a good quality camera. Also, despite how much a security camera might be good quality, it reduces its functionality with age.

New security cameras automatically have a higher resolution of explicit videos and images than old or analog ones.

How Often Should You Replace Security Cameras?

All operating devices, including security cameras, require a regular replacement or an upgrade. However, the need for a promotion or replacement for a security camera primarily depends on several factors, including often it is cleaned up, the type of weather in its vicinity, and the location where it has been installed.

For instance, an outdoor security camera installed in windy positions or areas might collect dust and pollen. Cleaning an outdoor security camera involves using a soft microfiber cloth with light soap and water.

Alternatively, you may also clean your security camera with an ammonia-based cleaner or compressed air, blowing the dirt and dust off the lens and dome cover. Outdoor security cameras should be cleaned at least two to three times a year, depending on various factors such as location and weather.

Security cameras installed in a closed environment or indoors should be checked and replaced yearly. However, there is a need to clean it up to improve its operation.

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