Why Cloud-Based Security Is Better Than Your Traditional IT Systems

Odds are you have a lot of sensitive documents on your computer. This goes for personal use as well as business machines. How secure is your data? Do you know all the ways in which hackers can get into your computer system? And if so, do you have protections in place against all of them? If you’re still using on-site IT systems and are worried about your IT security, you may find that cloud-based security is more secure.

There are many reasons why cloud security is better. That’s why most Fortune 500 companies rely on cloud computing in their IT operations. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider the security of cloud-based systems for your business.

Up-to date protection

One of the best things about using a trusted cloud-based system for your IT needs is that the companies running these systems are always going to be up to date on the latest security requirements. One missing software update, even a seemingly innocuous one, can leave a hole in your IT security. These companies are constantly looking out for vulnerabilities that may arise and fixing them right away.

Multiple layers of security

Cloud-based systems also have multiple layers of security that can protect against a multitude of threats, both man-made and natural. Robust firewalls provide multiple layers of security against hackers, and regular security audits are performed as well to make sure systems are secure at all times.

There are also natural threats to consider. If an earthquake, flood or fire were to hit your building, your computers would be ruined. If you don’t have backups stored off-site or in the cloud, that means all your data and documents would be gone, too. Cloud services store data in multiple locations, so your data is not lost should a natural disaster befall any one specific location.

Human error

One of the most common security threats is ourselves. Even if you swear it could never happen to you, there’s a chance that you might fall for a phishing scam and accidentally give out your password or other secret information. Sometimes all it takes is clicking one link and your computer may become infected with a virus without your knowledge.

Cloud-based security is more secure because your sensitive documents and network have extra protection built in. The folks working at these companies are well versed in security protocols and are trained to thwart even the most devious phishing and other types of scams. There’s also the chance that someone could physically enter the space where your IT network is located and do damage in person. This risk is eliminated by using an off-site cloud system.

A cloud-based security system helps eliminate many potential vulnerability points within your IT network and leaves you only with the task of guarding entrance to the bubble of the cloud. To learn more about why cloud security is better, or to get started with a secure, cloud-based IT solution, reach out to the team at Done Right TV today.