The Benefits of Using SlingStudio for Broadcasting

The barrier to entry when it comes to producing video content has gotten significantly lower in recent years. With the right equipment, anyone can make studio-quality video content for any number of purposes. But what exactly is the “right equipment”?

When you want to create excellent video content on the go—and you’d like to use more than your smartphone—consider using SlingStudio. SlingStudio is “an all-in-one, portable, wireless solution for high-quality, multi-camera video production.” There are many practical uses for SlingStudio, as you can film everything from a Twitch stream to a church service or a sporting event.

Here are some of the benefits of SlingStudio for broadcasting.


This is where the “Sling” portion of the video system’s name comes from: All the equipment can fit comfortably into a normal-sized backpack. The company even sells a specially-made backpack with extra pockets and padded compartments to house the system’s components.

Wireless capabilities

SlingStudio offers you the ability to connect multiple cameras wirelessly. It can also transmit and receive audio without using wires. If that’s not enough, it supports the function and use of wireless lavalier microphones too. The entire SlingStudio system can run on batteries alone for about two hours.

Ease of use

Although you’ll need to pair SlingStudio with a Mac laptop or an iPad, once you do, you’ll see how user-friendly it is. SlingStudio is not just easy to set up and transport—its intuitive user interface was designed to allow everyone to use it, from schoolchildren to the elderly.

Switch between cameras with ease

No longer will you be forced to choose between large, expensive, clunky multi-camera setups and cheap single cameras or camcorders. SlingStudio is designed for multi-camera use, and because of how simple it is to operate, you’ll be swapping between wide shots, slow pans, close-ups and different cameras with aplomb in no time.

Seamless integration

If you already have camera equipment, you’re in luck, because SlingStudio is compatible with any camera that puts out clean HDMI. This includes a bevy of different camera types and brands, from Sony camcorders to the GoPro HERO4 and HERO5.

Cost effective

The SlingStudio hub is available for the low price of $999. The hub allows you to show and monitor multiple camera angles, livestream, record and export your footage for post-production. The hub itself is wireless, weighs less than 3 pounds and can run on its battery for three hours. And as a bonus, all the apps for SlingStudio are yours for free. It’s no wonder that so many people have found so many SlingStudio uses.

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