Great Ways to Use Motion Detectors in Your Smart Home

Smart home technology is all the rage these days because it makes houses safer, reduces energy costs and adds convenience to your life. While there are plenty of smart home updates you can make, our team specializes in installing motion detectors in houses of all sizes. Keep reading to learn a few cool things to do with motion detectors.

Control lights

One of the most common uses for motion detectors is to control the lights throughout the house. You can connect your smart lighting system with motion detectors to turn the lights on when someone enters a room and turn them off when nobody’s around. You’ll never have to fumble around in the dark for light switches, and the detectors can reduce your monthly electric bill.

Save on heating and cooling costs

There’s no reason to keep the heat or AC running when nobody’s at home. Pair motion detectors with your smart thermostat and set the system to adjust the temperature when everyone’s away at work or school. This small feature is inexpensive to install and can save hundreds of dollars throughout the year on your heating and cooling costs.

Open garage doors

Pulling up to your garage and having the door open automatically is a pretty neat feeling. There’s an easy way to do it by using motion detectors in your smart home. Simply install motion detectors by your garage door and pair them with your garage door opener. Every time you pull in and out of your garage, the door will open without you needing to touch a button.

Monitor for frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cost thousands of dollars in damage and lead to very expensive repair bills. Smart sensors can save the day by detecting any rapid temperature changes that may indicate freezing. Simply place a temperature sensor near your plumbing lines that’ll alert you if the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

Improve home security

A home security system is essential in protecting your family against any would-be burglars. We recommend upgrading your current security system by installing motion detectors around the perimeter of your home. The devices can automatically turn lights on when motion is detected or send you an alert on your phone if someone might be lurking around outside.


Another one of the cool things to do with motion detectors is to help you care for your pets. You can set up motion detectors on your back door that will automatically open the door for pets who want to come inside.

You can also set up your detectors to alert you when your pet is at the door so you can open the door yourself. This is really handy for pets who can never seem to decide whether they want to be inside or outside.

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