The Best Video Doorbells of 2021

Technology has made it easier than ever to keep tabs on who comes and goes outside your home. Whether it’s people delivering packages or children selling candy or baked goods, having a video doorbell camera in 2021 lets you see who is at your door instantaneously.

But there’s a seemingly endless list of 2021 video doorbells to choose from. Numerous different companies are offering video doorbell cameras that have several different features at a multitude of price points. How do you know which video doorbell is right for you? This article will cover the best video doorbells of 2021.

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The second generation of the Ring Video Doorbell is highly rated and is even rated the best overall by multiple sources. Ring was the first company to produce a video doorbell, and it paved the way for the slew of video doorbells that came after it.

This iteration of the Ring Doorbell is favored because of its wide field of view and its abundance of sensors that provides homeowners with a wealth of information whenever someone visits their door. When you add in the fact that the Ring Video Doorbell 2 offers 1080p resolution, two-way audio and the ability to set your own motion zones, it’s easy to see why it’s graded so highly.

Arlo Video Doorbell

Another video doorbell considered the best by some, the Arlo Video Doorbell is a top-notch product. If you already have other Arlo products in your home, like security cameras or floodlight cameras, then purchasing this device is a no-brainer.

The Arlo Video Doorbell, like the Arlo security camera, is easy to set up and install, and it offers a 180-degree field of view in high definition. You won’t feel like you’re looking through a peephole with this camera, as it’s detail and quality are its calling card. It’s even smart enough to identify what it’s seeing, like a person, an animal or a package. It’s also a great value, as it’s half the price of the Ring Video Doorbell 2.

Google Nest Hello

This video doorbell has been described as the best-looking video doorbell, as well as one that has some of the clearest video. If you already have other Google devices in your home, like Nest, then this video doorbell would simply make sense, as you can seamlessly integrate it into your home.

The audio of the Google Nest Hello is among the best, and it has some extra features that the other doorbells on this list do not. This video doorbell is always on, so you won’t miss anything, and it can even recognize people and faces, allowing you to use a smartphone app to label the people that come to your door. When it comes to cutting-edge features, the Google Nest Hello is one of the best video doorbells available.

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