What Is Broadcast Media?

You’ve probably grown up with the term “broadcast media” without ever giving it much thought—but what exactly are broadcasting services and media in Davenport, IA? “Broadcast” is exactly what it sounds like: this term means to reach many from a single source. It started off in radio, but has quickly expanded to services like television, cable, satellite and the internet. You likely use or consume broadcast media every day without thinking twice about it:

  • Radio: As you know, radio uses waves generating from (usually) a single source, then amplifies them across the city, state, country or even the world. With the right broadcasting equipment in Davenport, IA, a single person can reach millions of people, all at the same time. Today, most traditional broadcasting equipment is owned by a few very large media companies.
  • Television: Television has been a part of broadcasting since its inception. It works in much the same way as radio, but obviously allows a visual component to the audio broadcast.
  • Cable: Cable television and radio is delivered through a coaxial cable. Cable grew in popularity in the 1980s, when customers were suddenly able to access hundreds of new channels simply by adding cable connectivity to their homes, businesses and other buildings. To this day, cable continues to be popular, although internet and other wireless options are moving in on its territory.
  • Satellite: Satellite television has been around since the 1970s, and satellite radio originated around 2000. These systems rely on a small satellite dish to bounce and receive signals from a company’s dedicated satellite revolving around the earth. This is particularly good for people in remote locations where cable internet and television are not readily available.
  • Internet: The internet has been one of the great equalizers—instead of working with a large broadcast media company, anyone can create a podcast, publish a blog or upload their own media to a potential audience of billions.

Why broadcast media is so popular

Despite the internet, earlier forms of broadcast media remain popular. Why? Part of it is because major broadcast companies still have an advantage when it comes to getting a message out to a wide group of people. Almost everyone in America owns a television, so even if you’re just tuning into one of the major television networks, you’re more likely to see and hear a message.

Another reason is advertising. When you have the ability to reach so many people, all at once, advertisers are going to be interested. When advertisers are interested—and willing to pay handsomely for the service—then you’re more likely to be able to offer content to consumers for free. That’s part of why basic channels are free, as well as websites like YouTube that show ads instead of charging membership fees. The more viewers you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers.

Broadcast media has certainly changed life in the 21st century. Are you looking for your own television and internet connection, or broadcasting services and equipment in Davenport, IA? Call Done Right TV today.