Everything You Need to Know About Home Security Systems

Home security should be on the mind of every homeowner, especially during the holidays when the police typically see a slight increase in home invasion and burglary numbers. Fortunately, our team at Done Right TV is here to help—we’re experts at installing popular home security systems in Davenport, IA! This post will cover the different equipment we can install to help protect your family and property.

Video doorbells

Video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular nationwide. They’re an affordable option for home security, they’re easy to use and they require very little maintenance. The doorbell works by sending a notification to your smartphone every time someone’s at your front door. When you open your smart doorbell app, you’ll see a crystal-clear video image of the person. Some models even let you talk to the visitor!

In addition to finding the perfect video doorbells in Davenport, IA to meet your needs, our professionals can disconnect your existing doorbell and install your new one. We’ll even stick around to show you how to use it.

Motion detectors

Most home security systems already have motion sensors at the entry points, but people with larger properties may want to add additional motion detectors throughout their house and even their yard. When the motion detector senses movement, it will trigger an alarm that can scare off a would-be criminal.

When you call us to ask what home security systems can do for your home in Davenport, IA, we’ll recommend the perfect motion detectors for your space. We’ll also install them for you to ensure your complete safety.

Surveillance cameras

You can always know who’s on your property by installing security cameras around your home. Security cameras can either continuously record the action or only record when motion is detected. In addition to letting you know who may be snooping around, the mere presence of security cameras are proven to deter many criminals before they can commit a crime. We provide both closed-circuit TV (CCTV) and cloud-based security cameras to help you sleep easier at night.

Other items to consider

While the home security systems in Davenport, IA mentioned above are what we install, those aren’t the end-all for home security. Invest in the technology below to further improve your safety:

  • More exterior lighting: The more light you have outside, the less attractive your property will be to burglars. In addition to normal lighting, consider installing exterior floodlights that turn on whenever motion is detected on your property.
  • Glass-break sensors: As the name suggests, glass-break sensors are installed on your windows and utilize tiny microphones to listen for the sounds of breaking glass. If the glass breaks, it will trigger an alarm.
  • Smart locks: Instead of using a traditional key, a smart lock is opened and locked with an app on your smartphone. Smart locks make it easier for you to get into your home, and more difficult for any criminals. They can also let you know if someone is inside your house.

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For the best home security system installation, look no further than Done Right TV. From video doorbells to motion detectors and surveillance cameras in Davenport, IA, nobody offers a wider range of products or services. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment!