Getting More Out of Your Security Cameras

Whether you own your own business or you’ve invested in your own home, security is undoubtedly on your mind. Even if you’re living or working in a historically safe neighborhood, there’s no sense in taking the chance that something terrible might happen. If you’ve taken the leap and bought wireless security cameras for your home or business in Davenport, IA, here are some tips to help you get the most from these new installations.

Make sure you’ve got the right camera

Think about your purpose in buying the camera. For example, some business owners install cameras in their shops to catch potential shoplifters or thieves. Some homeowners use their security systems to prevent (or capture) those who might take packages from a front porch or peek in through the windows while you’re working. Here are some general factors to think about when you’re deciding on a camera:

  • What resolution do you require? Today’s best cameras can provide incredibly clear footage.
  • Do you need night vision? Are you hoping to catch people committing crimes in broad daylight or when you’re sleeping?
  • Do you want a motion detector? You can save power and reduce your footprint by getting a camera that’s equipped with motion sensors.
  • Do you need live footage or recorded video? Do you want something that you can check on throughout the day, or would you like a record you can refer back to?

When you begin the process of having a security system installed, make sure your contractor understands your intended purposes and uses them to guide you to the right product.

Choose the right placement

Take the placement suggestions from your security contractor very seriously. They will likely choose locations for your wireless security cameras in Davenport, IA that maximize their exposure in two critical areas: viewing area and physical presence. Security cameras serve two crucial functions:

  • They record any potential wrongdoing
  • Their presence in public can serve as a deterrent

For example, homeowners who have a visible doorbell camera on their home may see potential porch pirates scared off before they can commit a crime.

Whole building security

When you’re using security cameras to protect your home or business, don’t forget the most overlooked areas of your property. For example, in businesses, putting a camera in busy interior hallways can indicate signs of trouble before they turn into real emergencies. Placing security cameras in your child’s bedroom can also help you keep an eye on them while you’re at work or away.

Security done right

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