Wi-Fi Dead Zones: Avoiding, Finding and Fixing Them

Whether you’re trying to watch movies in the bedroom or look up recipes in the kitchen, a wi-fi dead zone is inconvenient and annoying. Depending on your home’s structure and where your router is placed, you might be able to make a few simple adjustments to get rid of your dead zone. Occasionally, buying an extra product like a wi-fi range extender will also take care of the problem. Here’s how to find, avoid and fix your dead zone problems so you don’t need to call your internet service provider in Davenport, IA.

How to find dead zones

You probably already know where your dead zones are located, simply because they’re most noticeable when you’re trying to get things done (which includes the latest Netflix binge). However, if you’re interested in proactively looking for dead zones after setting up your internet, this is easy to do. Simply take your phone, laptop or tablet around the home while trying to stream movies or music. If the signal suddenly drops or cuts out, you’ve found a dead zone.
Sometimes, finding the exact dead zone is harder than you expect. In this case, try to stay in each location for several minutes before moving onto the next. It might take up the better part of your afternoon, but knowing where the dead zones are located is key to fixing them.

How to avoid dead zones

Are you just moving into your home, or installing wi-fi for the first time? Avoiding dead zones in the first place will do a lot for your peace of mind. Think about your wall placement (which may include signal-blocking metal inside) as well as large, heavy pieces of furniture or other obstructions. In many cases, all you’ll need to do is reposition the router or the furniture for good results.

Not sure what might be blocking the signal? Ask your internet service provider in Davenport, IA.

How to fix dead zones

Once you’ve identified the dead zones, now all you have to do is fix them. As noted above, sometimes this is simply a matter of moving your router or any big obstructions. However, if you’ve done everything you can think of and are still having problems, there are a few solutions to try.

First, a wi-fi range extender can boost your range, although you’ll still need an ethernet cord for setup. You can also try a power line adapter, which plugs into the wall and transmits your signal through the power lines. All you need to do is plug the adapter into a wall outlet near your dead zone. If all else fails, talk to your internet provider in Davenport, IA about installing a whole-home wi-fi system. These systems are designed to provide internet throughout the entire home, often using wall plugs and other smart technology to ensure a seamless signal.

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