The Benefits of Home Security Cameras

With the proliferation of porch pirates (people who steal packages from your property), burglaries, home invasions, vandals and other crimes, having a home security camera is a smart decision. Not only can you keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world, which offers peace of mind, but sometimes they can even help if another home in your neighborhood has been targeted.

The average home invasion costs homeowners about $2,000, but installing cameras and a good security system can be done at a fraction of the cost. Plus, they offer benefits that go far beyond protecting your property.

Here’s why you should consider installing home security cameras in Davenport, IA:
Reduce the local crime rate: Doorbell cameras are especially great for deterring crime. Thieves often come to ring the doorbell (or steal your packages) in order to gauge who’s at home and how easy their target is. If you have an obvious doorbell camera, it sends a clear signal that their identity has been captured—and that there may be more cameras around the property.

Keep an eye on your kids or aging parents: Leaving your children or aging parents at home with a caretaker is a difficult choice for many parents or adult children. How can we trust that our loved ones are being cared for properly? Having indoor security cameras allows you to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re being treated well—and if an accident occurs, you’ll be able to tell exactly what went wrong or who was responsible.

Get discounts from your homeowners insurance: One of the most concrete and immediate benefits of installing home security cameras is that a lot of homeowners insurance companies offer benefits or premium reductions for installing them. The more you do to protect your home, the less likely they’ll be to have to pay on your policy—which makes you a safer risk for them.

Watch your pets when you’re at work: Maybe you’re tired of asking Spot and Fluffy who was responsible for the trash can being knocked over for the fifth time this week (and not getting any answers), or you want to see exactly what your pets are up to when you’re not home to supervise. Having home security cameras indoors can help you monitor pet behavior and make any necessary adjustments—whether that’s finding a sturdier garbage can or just knowing they’re okay after a recent surgery.

Help police nab crooks: Finally, depending on the camera type and style, you might be able to provide police with a live feed of what’s going on in your neighborhood, whether with alerts or a feed that they can tap into on demand. While some people will not be comfortable with this for privacy reasons, it does help reduce crime rates and provide valuable evidence when used properly.

To install your own home security cameras in Davenport, IA, contact Done Right TV today. We specialize in high-quality home security solutions and will get you set up as soon as possible.